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December 20, 2012


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Your decision is totally understandable but I will certainly miss your wit, observations and your eye for hot men.
Wishing you well in your future endeavors and all the best.


Wishing you all the best of the season and thanking you for all your work over the years.


What? What about my needs?

Pieter Wesselman

Stay well and all the best. Always enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks.


I'll hopefully look forward to visiting your new future projects you mention of, however I'll miss my daily visits here to MOC. Happy Holidays and all my best wishes for a New Year!


I can only reiterate what's already been said, Victor; I will certainly miss your blog. Please let us know, somehow, if your adventures can be followed in the future.

Best regards always,


Alain Dang

Long time lurker. Thank you for curating this space. I will miss it greatly. This site filled a niche that I found empowering, challenging our community to critique the gay porn universe. Sexy men, mixed with topical news and issues...wow, what a potent combination. Your work here was greatly appreciated.

Happy new year and to new endeavors!


oh no :( I'm sorry to see you go!

Zee Jai

I'm absolutely gutted to read this announcement. Your voice will truly be missed.

Great news on the website and other projects, however - best of luck, and all my love and support.

Thanks for everything.


Merci et bonne chance pour la suite. Thanks and god luck Victor !


While I understand your reasons, I'm still sorry to see you go. This blog has been my favorite for over a year now. I really do hope you keep everyone updated on your future plans.


gee the only site fulfilling my needs where d i have to go to now for my coloured porn???????
Really I feel very, very sad but envertheless (bit though only) thankful for what has been
A dedicated reader of your blog from Belgium


we miss you and you your posting. Why don't you continue for te enjoyment of others.


Thanks for a good run. I will miss this site, and your view on gay culture. And of course, the porn!

Good Luck.


Thank you!


I'm sure you will do big things

Vincent Lambert

I had no idea, Victor. Great work! It was always a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks for all, and good luck! And I'm sure, like CHER, we haven't hear the last... :)


Ron Martin

This is the first time I have seen your site. I will love to go thru the archives and read the things you posted. I would like to ask if you can add me to your email list so that I can keep in touch with your new projects. Hope that your future is brings the things you wish.

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