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March 29, 2010


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Paul Jackson

I have to admit, I loved your review. I just need to clear up the record here on two points as the creator. Allow me to be the voice from the Magic 8-Ball:

1. I'm not SeanCody. I wish I had that kind of money and fortune behind me...then I wouldn't need to charge as much for content I would love to just give away! If we can't get the word out and sign up more people, I'll bring the price down! My name is Paul, and while familiar with Sean's work as a fan, I'm afraid the only thing we have in common is our Mormon background.

2. I'm a man who finds men of color VERY attractive! My tastes have little to do with the missionaries who apply to jack off and fuck for my camera. The site was just launched last Friday. Of the guys on the site, only one is Caucasian. I can't make any promises that this trend will continue since Mormons are mostly white, but your review makes it sound like the guys on my site are all white. What's up with that?

Anyhow, best of luck to us all during the down economy!

Marcuss Stanley

What is the problem? Aren't most, if not ALL, Mormons white? There are PLENTY porn sites for men of a specific race that don't include white men. I don't see you protesting those sites on here. As a black man I can't stand this "why won't you include us" when its so obvious that we can go elsewhere to get whatever it is that "they" are supposedly keeping away from us. Your whining sadness about something so unimportant is more than irritating.

I come to this blog almost daily and read a lot of what is written. Ninety percent of it is completely unimportant, silly, insubstantial and empty. I don't come here to be informed of anything anyway. I come here for free porn and nothing else. If you can't see that most, if not all of your other readers, if there are any, are here for the same reason then you are blind. No one ever comments on what you write about because no one cares. The lack of comments should tell you that. They just want free porn.

Your layout is soooooooo outdated and annoying. The popups that we get when the cursor goes over a certain word or ad is more than annoying, its just plain dumb. Get with the program already. Go check out some REAL blog and follow suit. I know you're thinking and would ask me if this blog is so stupid then why am I coming here daily. The answer is FREE PORN!!!! Nothing more. I'm sure the rest of the people who come here would tell you the same.



Note to self: 86 the free porn.

Marcuss Stanley

And another thing. Does seeing a black man on Sean Cody or any of the other mostly white porn sites validate you as a black man? If so you've got serious issues. Why are you always whining about this issue? Its very telling of the type of person you are. SHALLOW. This is porn. It is not health care. It is not men and women dying in Afghanistan. It is not economics. Those are REAL issues. Porn does nothing to help in any substantial way. Grow Up Man!


This isn't health care? What The?? That's it, now you've gone too far! I challenge you to a duel, sir!

BTW, I am turning of the feature that highlights the links you find so annoying. I wouldn't want your watching free porn to be any more difficult that it apparently is.

Oh, and just for record? I'm not a black man.

Marcuss Stanley


I'm sorry to hear about Raging Stallion. They are the best in my opinion. However the news about Raging Stallion folding is interesting, albeit, worthless news.


SO, um...Marcuss. I don't think it's an issue of validating one person. It's more about what the reflection of these sites shine onto the community as a whole.

Clearly you know that the adult industry is a major part of gay culture; as you've stated, you come here almost daily to get a fix, so you also know what segregation in the industry does to our community.

There shouldn't be terms for dudes who like Asians that aren't Asian themselves, or black or hispanic. Unfortunately, when you have mainstream sites that the majority the models are young, buff and white...that becomes the socially acceptable coupling. Not seeing minorities on mainstream adult websites [Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, ASG] makes sites like Cocodorm and Papicock look more fetishtic. It's the inclusion of more men of color that would better reflect how our society should be.

Granted, I may have a different perspective than you on gay culture from living in LA. I know that DC and the South are drastically different; but from what I see, the departmentalizing and semi-segregation of races through adult films and even "theme" club nights makes it more socially acceptable to think that one group is better suited with their own kind.

Sure you like what you like, but look at companies like Raging Stallion and Hot House who constantly mix their performers and offer very few ethnic themed videos. The action is just as hot and the performances aren't hindered because there's not two buff tanned white dudes all over each other. Not everyone can make their own decisions based on their gut instincts. They have to see that something is okay before they allow themselves to be open.

In the end, you can feel how you want to about M.O.C. blog [and the free porn] but just know that there is good work being done here exposing those who practice archaic business modes and celebrating those who push towards the future. Equality is key.


Raging Stallion Studios is "folding?" Really? Source please.

Marcuss Stanley

Ok Josh. Extremely good argument. I cannot fault M.O.C. for "exposing those who practice archaic business modes." Point taken. However what you're saying still doesn't take away the fact that you guys need a new layout. This one is boring. an interesting blog looks like this...





Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

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