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January 07, 2010


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Tré Xavier

Great interview - from you end at least.

I do however take some offense to Peter's comment about being the "bottom" type and how it's an emasculatiing scenario. For it generalizes what it means for a man (Asian or otherwise) to be a bottom. For bottoms are not always submissive, nor are they always emascualated just because they are bottoms. So he needed to elaborate more on that.

As you know, while I've only bottomed on-camera, I have not always played the submissive bottom, or rarely felt emasculated for being a bottom. I would have never entered the industry or stayed as long as I did if that was the case. So it is how the bottom is portrayed that makes the difference as to whether or not they are emascualted.

Now if that was the point Peter was making, I can accept that a great deal more than the answer that was given.

Feel free to pass this comment on to Peter.


I understand what Peter was saying. It is different for Blacks or Hispanics, they can function as a top or a bottom much like White people, but if you're Asian there is the perception that you could only be a bottom. The truth is that looking at Asian men as anything other than a submissive ladyboy is somewhat new in gay society. Look at the number of gay men who go to Southeast Asia as an example.


I am thinking that Peter must be Southeast Asian, probably Vietnamese, with Chinese mixed in there somewhere. He doesn't have the look of a Japanese/Korean person, but he did mention alot of Chinese actors so its possible he is Taiwanese because Chinese would just be too obvious.

Tré Xavier


Your commment is as insulting to Asians, as Peter's comment is to bottoms.

It is NO DIFFERENT for ANY ethnicity. It is as I said before - HOW THE BOTTOM IS PORTRAYED. A White bottom can be portrayed in an emasculating fashion, just as easily as an Asian one. Stop giving Peter excuses for being short-sighted. I'm not, and I WAS once a fan. This interview however, has me questioning that.

Peter's comment shows that he (like many people of various backgrounds) have taken in the rules of their native culture. Hence why he calls himself 100% Asian, and in no way defines himself as American. While his website may show him going against the grain of Asian culture, his comment shows that he is loyal to their over-masculated mindset, instead of developing one of his own.


Peter's comment was based on perception that other people have about Asians. In truth, when people outside of the Asian culture look at Asian men they see them as being only capable of being a bottom. I am not insulting Asians, I am stating a perception that other people have about Asians. When people look at you, they don't automatically pin the label bottom on your forehead. Again if you are Black, White or Hispanic you could be both without people batting an eye, but if you're Asian you are automatically deemed a bottom. It is emasculating when other cultures view you as being only capable of being a bottom, because an Asian can not satisfy a man because of the stereotype associated with Asian men being small in the penis department If you knew anything about Asian men, you would know that Asians, straight or gay are not hyper masculine, and at time seem effeminate. If Peter seems hyper masculine, it is because he is trying to show that just because you're Asian it doesn't make you that stereo type portrait of an Asian. When he referred to himself as being 100% Asian, he was referring to himself as being genetically unaffected by other cultural genetics. The fact that he is an American is a given, he is trying to make clear that he is the way he is because he is Asian and that there is no other outside genetic influences. Tre, just as I can't tell you what it is like to be Black, I can tell that you can't tell me or Peter what it is like to be Asian. You and I are both people of color but our experiences are different.

Tre Xavier


Actually, I can understand the perception of Asians always being perceived as a bottom, as I've experience the reverse. For because I'm Black, people have often deemed me as a top, so they are shocked at me for choosing to be a bottom in my movies. I've experienced that in my on and off-camera life. So I don't excuse Peter's hyper-masculinity issues. My rule is this - BE TRUE TO YOU AND FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE. Following this rule is the reason why I am not the steretypical Black man and have been quite vocal in how I DO NOT support the "thug" image of Black males in gay porn. I have my own mind, and am not ruled by some of the ignorant rules that are considered OK by Black, or hip-hop culture. I am ruled by the rules of Tre's culture. Peter needs to do the same in regards to Asian culture.


This guy is a total idiot. Fuck you for thinking that you can be the voice for gay Asians. Why don't you just shut up and look pretty and not open your mouth?

What a cocky dumbass. You don't LOOK filipino, Viet, or Japanese. So shut up and just be truthful when people ask you what your background is. It's insulting to other Asian countires.


How does Peter think that HE is the face for all gay Asians??? Hysterical!

This guy is STRAIGHT and calling us (gays) suckers by marketing directly to us. DO not subscribe to his website or buy his products.

Just another dumb personal trainer.


"Le" is most often a Vietnamese name.

This interview was quite interesting and by his answers, it shows Peter Le's lack of intelligence and true depth of understanding about Asians, gays and gay Asians.

From my understanding, he is just another ST8 jock out to make a buck from people who are gay.

Mr Le can not be a voice for Gay Asians because he is not gay.

PJ Walsh

I very much agree with your comments, Peter choice of words was very disturbing. I am a while bottom, sometimes I am submissive.

Most of the time I am a very aggressive bottom, and end up being the one in control and running the show. I guess that puts me as a power bottom?

I enjoy being a bottom, the few times I have attempted to top i came way too fast. So what if Tre choses to bottom in his movies, and why should anyone care,comment or judge that. I find that HOT!



what a fruit

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