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October 19, 2009


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I have to correct you on something.

They are all white, maybe all over 35, but by no means are they MEN. MEN own up to their decisions, be it for business or personal sake. The fact they won't grant an interview on this issue shows just how much they are NOT men.

Feel free to pass this FACT along to them.


I can attest to the fact that you're on to something. For it's just like you said. The models of color weren't generating enough money (so they say) to their liking. Dominic Ford has told me that he has lost memberships by using non-White models, but he says he still tries to mix it up.

That's another reason why I left the industry altogether instead of starting a website (as some suggested) when I know that the main consumer is a bunch of Midwestern and Southern racist and repressed pigs. I have enough of a conscience that I couldn't live with myself knowing that I'm making business decisions to cater to a clientele that may have the money, but in actuality because of their racist attitudes and repressed admiration of color are such worthless existences.


Did you know that Fox, UPN, and the WB used similar business models? Get established with black, latino, or broadly multiculti material, then move to white exclusivity and charge more money. Even Madonna used to be played on what was then called "black radio" before she got big. It seems like this old trend isn't going anywhere. Thank you for asking the questions and doing the research to note the trend. And sorry that some doofuses on other sites think that noting the way that race works is itself racist. All I can say is if they don't want to be called racist, they should stop making decisions that (as you have shown) have such a clear and obvious reliance on race.

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