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May 11, 2008


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Well I doubt Thugboy.com will be hiring white guys anytime soon either. It's a white flavor brand. Not for me but its certainly their option to cast what sells for them

MOC Blog

Granted. But what if you saw the EXACT same ad in a Help Wanted section for Engineers when you knew you were the best (insert race and/or ethnicity) for the job. Would you be as resolute?

Johnny Hopkins

Sean Cody has had a few black guys on his site, but I guess they are trying to appeal to an all-white audience.


I can see how a casting requirement for a storyline where the race of a character is central to the plot would be legal, but how is this possibly legal?

MOC Blog

JH: Who is this day and age wants to appeal to just an all-white audience. Further, SC doesn't care that his audience is racist, he cares about money. Nothing more. Nothing less. He's a douchebag.

Techtonics: It's not legal. It'a violation of the Civil Rights act of 1964.


That's very bad form, it makes for bad race relations - and bad porn, frankly.

I prefer European gay porn, which mixes and matches types, races and scenarios with far more eroticism.


This is just one my example of the sate of racial tension in the gay community. It's kind of upsetting, because there IS a disgusting amount of racism in the gay community. If it's not addressed, I feel it will stop the "community" from actually becoming a community.


I like SC but this ad is very off putting. If you apply through his site he states that race is not an issue and that if your hot your hot.


I've seen sites that request only BLACK men or women....Is there a difference?


don't even know why anyone is making an issue of this...he's used black guys many times...and for this shoot he wants white guys...to make this into a racist issue is stupid..WELL for all these years I was trying to find out WHERE he films..so it's SAN DIEGO


No one cares about an all-white audience. Businesses only want money.
It's sad that he feels only White guys sell, but this is America. Even our idea of what's beautiful is warped, so it makes sense. (Can White really be most beautiful when most of the world is colored?)

Furthermore, Sean Cody is a douchebag. He's part of the problem of homophobia. Ever realized that he pays men to do things reluctantly that gay men like to do for free? You might get off on that "straight" guy blowing another "straight" guy for an extra $700 dollars, but it's probably not worth it.

Also, if you really want a mindf**k, some say we should call things as they are. That would make the men of Sean Cody at least bi. And that would make the disgust false or at least questionable. And that would place the fantasy--and all of its self deprecation-- firmly in your head. Who's the homophobe now?


doesn't look illegal nor looks like it violates the civil right act on the surface. there is an understanding that allows for "bona fide occupational qualification" which allows actors/models race to be preselected. if a part calls for a white female to be the spouse of a white male in a movie, commercial, etc., there is no discrimination in not considering other qualified applicants that do not meet the criteria. the modeling industry is also allowed to racially discriminate as long as it meets the BOQ standard. by the same token, if one is advertising to a set racial group, asian, african-american, caucasian, an argument for a BOQ to have models of that race portray the ads could be strengthened. while we may not agree, and the SC site, may not meet the BOQ standard - not familiar with a porn case in relationship to the BOQ standard - it is still a tacky ad. however, BOQ is often used in acting/modeling and it is perhaps within the target demographics SC wants to be appealing for this particular scene.


does anyone else think that this ad might be fake? why would seancody productions have to resort to craigslist to find models? and why would the contact email be "@codymedia.com" and not "@seancody.com"?


I have a website which links to many sites. My SeanCody links are not very active. ALL WHITE porn does not sell. My other links which have an assortment of men SELL VERY WELL. Which saids Gay Racism is NOT as popular as it once was. Well, some bars/ nightclubs are still double carding some people.
United we stand, Devided THEY WIN!


Long and short of it...it's a casting call, so it's not illegal to say MUST BE WHITE. At the same time, we're talking about what people find attractive and gets them off...you can't help what you like.


Long and short of it...it's a casting call, so it's not illegal to say MUST BE WHITE. At the same time, we're talking about what people find attractive and gets them off...you can't help what you like.


Interesting that nobody seemed to even NOTICE that the ad also discriminates based on age. Oh, wait, you also can't be overweight (six-pack abs). So that's discrimination, too!

C'mon boys, get over it. Everyone's turned on by specific things, and Cody's catering to his audience, who happen to like young, fit, white boys.


Basically, they're going for the Abercrombie & Finch demographic - the smooth, white college jock who may be "straight" but loves to show off for the camera.

It's a very narrow "type" but it's what paying subscribers to SC like, so every week they're guaranteed more of the same.

Scrolling through the SeanCody archive of videos didn't raise my blood pressure one degree. Undeniably attractive boys - but nothing that would make me take out my credit card and sign-up.

Before SeanCody went all white (pre-2006) he actually discovered a few memorable men-of-color.

I wouldn't charge SC with racial discrimination (everyone is entitled to his preference) The greater sin in pornography (to which SC is guilty) is producing dull and monotonous content.


@ Keith and John: It's not true that we can't help who we like. Our ideas of beauty are crafted (and at the very least, nurtured) by our surroundings. An ideal situation is a society that embraces diversity, so that people who "can't help what they like" don't find themselves either liking only people who are just like themselves (and not recognizing it for what it is) or fetishizing people who are different from them (i.e. the asian guy who's only a bottom or the black guy who's a massive dangerous top).

And further @ John, Ageism is a problem and you were right to pick up on that.

It is not illegal to demand that models be white. And yes, he is catering to his audience. But, I disagree @ HornyDiablo. I wish the biggest problem was that this porn was boring. I think more egregious is the myth that sites such as his perpetuate of an all-white world where all of the "straight" jock boys can be bought. It doesn't serve legitimately straight men who don't want to be fetishized and it doesn't serve the lonely gay men who are hopelessly devoted to them.

Further it doesn't serve the whole male community because this fantasy can be a point of separation. (And it most often separates than it unites.) Because gay men and jocks refuse to look at each other as real and complete people, jocks will continue to terrorize gay kids. That one kid who falls into both categories will still refuse to come out. Those gay kids and jocks who want to be friends will more willingly refrain from getting involved. And opportunities for real friendship and fraternity will be missed.

Also, I'll mention that no "straight" male shows off for gay men. That in it self is a sexual act: exhibitionism. And the definition of sexuality involves who you are engaged with, plain and simple. If it's with a guy, either by intention or in the flesh, you are at least, um...how do they put it? "Bi-curious"


How is this any different than a site with "all black studs" or only Latin guys?

Sean Cody's brand is good looking, fit white boys. That's what everyone expects when they go to the site.

How come no one is complaining that the site also wants guys who are in shape? Wouldnt that be discrimination against overweight people? get over it


For the record, that casting notice is no more "illegal" than the thousands that appear in trade publications every year for the film, television and theatre industries. You may not LIKE it, but they're simply adding more "episodes" to their "series" and they are well within their legal rights.


Ye Gods! Next they'll be insisting on guys with big cocks!

Jack Scribe

Has anyone confirmed that this is an legit ad? Somehow, I don't think Sean Cody would use Craig's List to recruit.

MOC Blog

It is. I asked Sean if he ever gets tired of all "the sameness" and got a generic Sean-reads-all-his-email-so
-go-fuck-yourself response and figured, hey, his house of riches is built on the backs of whites-only. So let him live with that.


so what's the rate of pay for guys on sean cody I mean 700 for a blow job? 1000 if you bottom? what if you are a top only but will give head? no seems to know What does a supposedly str8 dude get paid to take it up the ass for amatuer stuff


I like all men, but white, gay men are more visible, and also a good number of non-white, gay men are attracted to white men.

Zackary Tanner

The are so many sites out there that are aimed at a particular type of guy that I think that this whole thread is ridiculous. There are sites for asians, blacks, latinos, twinks, jocks, bodybuilders, chubs, trannies, crossdressers.... I could go on. I think Sean Cody is looking to appeal to a specific market. If it wasn't working his site would have disappeared a long time ago. So if you don't like his stuff there are hundreds if not thousands of other sites to chose from. This is not about race, it's about freedom of choice.


There are sites for black guys too, so and do the whites get all up in monkey arms when they aren't asked to model for them. I don't think so. Go cry someplace else. Boo!


This is a non-issue. Some people are only turned on by white guys. That doesn't make them racist. Why aren't you up in arms about the complete lack of females on the site? Are you sexist?

Why waste anyone's time by throwing in something his audience doesn't care for, just to appease race baiters who don't like what he puts on his site anyway?

This is about as dumb as people saying some guy on The Bachelor is racist for not keeping the token black chick around for an episode or two.


I dont think that cody is a racist. In the begining, he mentioned that he loves all colors and even had an "colored" audition video. He like a chocolate, but what pays wins. the audiance seems to like what they are comfortable with. You have to feed your audiance. look at oprah...do you think that she really care aout Barry Manlow.. you know she wants patti labelle instead but she caters to her audiance


Its a great post.
Unfortunately, for non-white persons, to be part of North American mainstream culture, it is required to pretend to ignore the racial issues.
From the morment they speak of, it caused negative reactions.

Traditioally, people in the mainstream dont want to change anything.
I think it is very naive to say, "its just a prefernece", decades after the racial isses developed this much in sex-centered gay community.

Racial conflict is one of the most serious and the most carefully ignored issues in a gay community.

Minority communities, including woman, people with physical challanges and gay, can be very cruel to minority members within thier community.

Its very good that this site raises this fact, other wise, most gay men dont think about it at all...until they post an ad on craiglist, specificly not wanting others purely becuase of their race.
It is a illusion of power.


The sites that are only black or only Asian are different than the sites that are only white. These sites were born out of being shunned by the white mainstream and being fetishised by a few others.

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